Can this New Reservoir Stop Implant Failure?

For many that partake in modern dentistry, implants have played a major part in various dentists, including a dentist in Chandler Arizona, for it helps with replacing missing teeth without invasive procedures that affect the other teeth. However, implant failures have been a major problem in this, since it often can make people think twice before replacing a missing tooth. However, there is a new way to reduce the risk of it, and this is actually an implant reservoir where drugs can be stored in order to fight the infections that could come out. Now, there is a recent image that’s been released that shows the implant with the reservoir, and this actually will slowly infuse out of the porous structure of the implant, which is made up of various composites. This composite will help to fight and prevent the infection of the dental implant, which in turn could change the game. Typically, this is built underneath the crown of the tooth, with a cover screw put on top to make the reservoir easy to fill with various antimicrobial drugs. The implant can then diffuse it over into it, and that will be in direct contact with the bone cells, and because of that, the bacteria can’t form a biofilm.   Now, the biofilm would actually cause major problems, since often the pathogens in this will cause the implant to fail. However, with the new drugs being put into the reservoir, it’ll allow this to happen a whole lot less, and the agent can help prevent the spread of infection as well by releasing various agent into the implant directly. The fact that it is so direct will help with this, since if there is an infection, it can stop it immediately. Now, often, researchers wonder if the reservoir will work. Now, it’s been studied, with the implants under various conditions and tests with the drugs inside the reservoir. Here are a few antimicrobial agents that have been used, a lot of them found in various mouthwashes. The study has shown that the most common microbe in the mouth that could form infection, was ultimately unable to do so, and it couldn’t form a biofilm on the outer surface of the implant with the drug in the reservoir. It is also seen here the biofilm that were formed before the drug was put in were actually eliminated once the available drug was put into there. So what does that mean for those that have implants? Well, it could mean a much higher success rate of this, something that actually is starting to be seen a whole lot more. A lot of people are turning to the use of implants over dentures and dental bridges since they are a permanent solution to the problem, allow you to eat whatever you want, and it also functions like a normal tooth. But of course, the risk of infection and rejection are still there, and it is why the reservoir is being used to help with this. However, this can actually change the game completely, since you’ll be able to get an implant installed without any worry that it might not stay, or if it might make the condition worse. It is bad to have a missing tooth for a variety of reasons as well, and many times, people want to change it, even if it’s for reasons as small as confidence issues and the like. However, with a dental implant, you’ll be able to fix the issue before it gets worse, allowing you to have a much better result because of this, and from there, you’ll feel better. If you are going to get an implant, talk to your dentist Chandler az in order to get a good estimate on it, and also if you can get the reservoir put in before you get started. It is a newer procedure, but it’s a procedure that will allow you to preserve your teeth, which in turn will allow them to stay around for much longer and it’ll allow this new procedure to do a whole lot of good for your teeth, and to help improve your smile.