Top 5 SEO Strategies For The Chiropractor Who Hates SEO

Ok it’s time to get real. If you’re reading this article it’s probably because you can’t stomach the thought of SEO, but on some level, deep down, you know it’s a necessary evil. And you’d be right. SEO isn’t the most fun, enlightening, or the only way to grow your Chiropractic Clinic. But, it is helpful. We live in a digital world, and that means you have to play the digital game. SEO, whilst a pain, can actually help improve your online presence immensely and at the same time, bring more patients in your doors. Now, before you go and stop reading thinking this is just another pat on the back for SEO, let this be said. You don’t have to go crazy and make your marketing strategy focus solely on SEO. But, we will give you 5 killer strategies that are simple, but can help make a big impact on your web presence.

  1. Write Tons of Extraordinary Content.

If you remember nothing else from this article then at least let this be your one takeaway. Why? Because if you’re adding amazing content to your website, it’s possible to rank without doing anything else. The more content, the higher your rankings as long as the content is quality, and up to a certain point. The goal is to publish anywhere from 2-16+ posts a week to help gain more traffic to your site. Obviously 16+ would be ideal, but that’s not always realistic when you have a Chiropractic Clinic to run. So, at least shoot for 2 as your minimum to help boost your rankings, but won’t put a strain on your time.


  1. Make Sure Your Content Is Long Enough

Unfortunately just writing a little blurb about Chiropractic care or some other form of healthcare blip won’t do much. Because not all content is created equal, you need to make sure that what you’re publishing is of good substance and isn’t too thin or doesn’t adequately cover your topic. In fact, if you post such “articles” it can actually hurt you more than help you. According to serpIQ the best ranked websites tent to shoot for 1,500 words per article.  However, keep in mind that this may vary according to your niche and client base. This is why it’s so important to consult your analytics to see what works best for your business.

  1. Optimize Your Content

Now before you go gagging or panicking, realize that optimizing your content doesn’t need to be a highly technical endeavor. In fact, when your first start out K.I.S.S. it. (Keep It Simple Stupid) Start your optimization by identifying the main topic or theme for your page or post. Do some keyword research, and identify the topics and phrases your particular target market is actually searching for. Once you’ve chosen your keywords, use a plugin tool to make sure your page is properly optimized. The plugin tool will make sure you use your chosen keywords in strategic locations on your page.

  1. Promote Your Content On Social Media

As you know, your content is only helpful if people view it or read it. Therefore, it’s vital to use social media to your advantage. If you already have a following via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkdin, etc., this is extremely helpful. All you have to do is post, and let your fans and followers help share your content. If you don’t already have a following, it can make this part a little trickier, but still possible. You just may need to invest in paid ads and distribution in the beginning to get your content out and build a following. Either way in both cases, you need to make sure your content is solid and quality. You can’t feed people lazy inspired content and expect them to follow you.

  1. Get All The Links

This is the final step because once you create and promote your content; you want to make sure you’re getting all the links.  Links not only are the #1 ranking factor, but they can send tons of traffic to your website. It definitely can be a time-consuming process, but it’s an important one. And the benefits are more than worthwhile. Here are some strategies to follow when trying to set up your links.

  • Guest blogging on Chiropractic and other healthcare sites. Make sure you include a link back to your site/content within your post.
  • Create posts that bloggers, influencers, and journalists will be likely to link too. A good example would be a “How to” post.
  • Internal Linking or rather linking to your content on other pages/posts on your own site.
  • Reach out to bloggers in the Chiropractic and healthcare field to let them know about you and your content.

SEO doesn’t have to consume your life or business. But with these 5 killer SEO strategies, you can help put your Chiropractic Clinic on the digital map.