Reasons Why Your Website Needs an SEO Audit

SEO audits are incredibly important.  By running one, you can find out several things about your current website: what is working, what isn’t working so well, and how you can improve your site in order to generate more leads and rank even higher than you currently are.


Do not automatically get a negative impression in your head because of the word audit.  This is a normal response, as a typical audit (think IRS) is not necessarily a fun thing to go through.  An SEO audit, on the other hand, is actually a very good thing. If it is executed properly, you will gain valuable insights to your company and how your current SEO is measuring up against the competition.

How does an audit work?

A typical SEO audit entails your company paying another company to do a full on evaluation of your website. It will be examined forensically and they will use their expertise to identify any potential problems as well as solutions on how to fix them. There are several comprehensive elements that website audits will contain:

Overall Health

This will yield important information on how your website traffic is performing. Does it meet industry benchmarks? Red flags may also be found in the areas of bounce rate changes as well as any referrals or time on the website that might need an investigation. Checking your website’s overall health will also analyze other things such as site map, anchor text, citations, social media profiles, and linking structures.


There may be things on your website that would result in a penalty from Google.  An SEO audit will find any penalties or red flags whatsoever that would keep your website from ranking high. You may not even be aware of these penalties as Google’s algorithm is constantly changing.


This element of the audit lets you know how your website ranks in comparison to other sites. This is a good time to learn what competitors are doing that you aren’t.  You will often times find that they are excelling in areas you are not, which will give you a great opportunity to improve in certain areas.  You will also find gaps in their technique, which will certainly put you at a better advantage.

Now that you understand the importance of an SEO audit, decide if you will implement one internally or use an agency.  Do your research, as there are pros and cons to both.