What Service Based Businesses Need to Know about Facebook Advertising

Online advertising is widely used amongst almost every single business out there.  For product-based businesses, it is pretty straightforward with online advertising.  With Google algorithm updates such as Carousel, it is easy to post images of products as well as a short description to capture your audience’s attention.


For service-based busineses, such as a Chiropractic or a Dental office, advertising online can be a bit trickier.  Facebook advertising is an absolute must, as almost everyone has an online presence in this social media outlet.  Here are some tips for how to effectively advertise on Facebook for your service-based business:

  1. Understand the Purchasing Journey for your Consumers. When it comes to purchasing a particular service, people are going to do their research. Chances are, they are not going to select the first company that comes up in their search results.  This is why it is imperative that your brand focuses on online advertising and communicating as much of your message as possible to prospective customers.  Having information on Facebook allows people to comment about your services, recommend you, and easily provide information to make someone feel comfortable and confident before moving forward with your services.
  2. facebook-advertising-location-targeting-1

  3. Actively Manage Your Facebook Page. When someone hears about your company, chances are they will check out your Facebook page pretty quickly.  If it is lack luster, has little status updates, and no current photos, the chances are high that they will quickly move on to a different company.  Make sure your business information is up to date and complete and that you are posting regular statuses: fun facts, interesting videos and photos, blog links, etc.
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  5. Target Ads to Your Ideal Customers. You must first understand who your target audience is, and then target your ads accordingly. Know where your audience lives so you can target geographically.  You can also tailor your ads to specific demographics, such as age, income range, etc.  Lastly, you can target people by niche demographics.  There are Facebook users who provide information such as life events or homeowners status, which can open up many opportunities for brands.
  6. Make Great Ads that Command Attention. Your ads must be eye-catching in order to capture your audience.  Not only are you competing with other businesses out there, but you are also competing with interesting content provided by people’s friends and families in their newsfeed.  Use engaging images with a short, impactful message that contains the right call to action.