Healthcare Marketing Needs to Catch Up: Here’s Why

So many companies nowadays are getting bold in their marketing campaigns.  We see companies like Progressive and State Farm pushing the boundaries by adding humor to their ads.  They make lasting impressions though, don’t they?  Healthcare companies really need to catch up in this department, especially with the competition in the healthcare realm rising. Most healthcare ads are very generic and ‘polite’ or ‘respectful’.

Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare Marketing

While this is the safe route to go, it may not be the most effective.  After all, there isn’t a single person in this country who doesn’t know who Flo or Jake from State Farm are!

Where Healthcare Marketing is Going Wrong

Most healthcare campaigns highlight a hospital’s expertise or their new cutting edge technology.  While this information might be true, the end result is typically a boring campaign that showed zero creativity. Patients want to feel like they are more than a number and receive personalized care.  Because of this, healthcare marketing needs to come less from a supplier’s standpoint and more from the perspective of a potential patient.  Patients want to see the doctors and nurses behind the hospital so they can build an emotional connection and form trust.  This is the message that healthcare marketing companies are failing to portray.

New Ways of Marketing

Healthcare marketers are realizing they must adapt and utilize new methods in order to reach today’s population. Millennials are excellent at filtering information and deciphering what is authentic and what is not, so using traditional methods of marketing is a pointless effort.  If new ways of marketing are not implemented, finding and securing patients will be an impossible task.  Previously, doctors could sit around and wait for patients to find them.  Today, however, people realize they have options and typically shop around.  It is important that practices make themselves look as attractive as possible and do so in an effective manner.

How Marketers Can Catch Up

These important actions must take place in order to make a change:

  1. Bring the Dollars Rather Than Chase Them. Rather than constantly seeking money to support their internal structures, healthcare marketers need to start with internal assets. Analyze the value the practice is providing: physician performance, patient satisfaction, patient volume, as well as other relevant data.  Create a direction from this information from the get go.
  2. Monitor Online Presence. A healthcare company’s online image cannot be overlooked, as more than 40% of people utilize social media prior to making healthcare decisions. Having this network of support for patients to consult is key.
  3. Listen & Learn. In order to reach patients with a message that works, healthcare marketers must pay attention to the details by talking to actual physicians and patents. They need to connect with potential patients in ways that will earn their trust and loyalty.