Social Media Marketing Strategies for your Healthcare Company That Will Provide the Best Publicity

Did you know that over 40% of consumers admit to utilizing social media when it comes to obtaining information about different healthcare companies?  People use social media to gain information, learn about methods of treatment, engage with providers, and engage with other patients who may share their diagnosis or condition. Overall, healthcare information found on social media is absolutely influencing consumer’s decisions.

Social Media Marketing

Because of this fact alone, it is imperative for your healthcare company to navigate and utilize social media marketing properly in order to get good results, obtain publicity, and get your information out there.

Below you will find the top three ways you can utilize social media for your healthcare company in order to get the best publicity.

  1. Awards: People like to associate themselves with the ‘best’.  A case study was done on a Facebook post in which a practice posted an old press release.  The PR was all about the practice being recognized in the Top 10 Doctors for that particular area.  The patients responded extremely well, as the post received 105 likes, 20 shares, and 15 comments.  The comments included patients providing praise to the doctors as well as personal success stories. Has your practice received any awards or recognitions?  If so, post about them!
  2. News: In addition to awards and recognition, ‘news’ posts tend to boost publicity as well. A case study was done where a practice posted about a new location opening up.  In the post they encouraged their fan base to promote and share the information.  The surprise?  They did!  If your practice has a good reputation, provides quality care, and great customer service, you should have no problem getting help from your fans to promote new information you wish to share.  They will most likely be eager to help and enjoy doing so.  Brainstorm different news events you could share.  For example, are there local events you are involved in? Are you providing new services?  New renovations?  Relocation?  When you have news to share, post it to social media and encourage your patients to share.
  3. Patient Testimonials. This is one of the best types of content your healthcare practice can post on social media. Patient testimonials are a way to showcase not only your great care, but your great patients and life changing stories.  People will identify with them as well as be more likely to come in seeking the same services.