Influencer Marketing and its State in 2016

Influencer marketing has already proven to be extremely popular.  It is huge, and it has been established to be good and work well.  It is a type of marketing that places its emphasis on key leaders to drive your company’s message to the larger market.  Instead of marketing to the mass market, you can hire, pay, or inspire key influencers to get the word out for you. 

For example, in your Chiropractor SEO, perhaps you find someone well respected within the industry.  A relatively famous doctor or actor that can speak on your behalf.  Have them endorse your brand through social media posts or short videos that speak about your practice and what you do.  This will absolutely drive people into your office because of the power of the influencer.


So, where does this leave the current state of influencer marketing in 2016?  Vine, the social media site where 6 second videos can be uploaded, used to be a very large platform for influencer marketing.  However, over the past year about 52% of the main Vine influencers have left the platform.  Vine has also dropped to #135 in the App store, where Instagram, Facebook and YouTube are all in the top 10.  It is safe to assume that Vine does not stand strong within influencer marketing today.  Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube do, however, with Instagram ranking the most popular in Sarah Ware’s book (the CEO of Markerly).  It has a young population, more advertisers than Twitter, and a strong influence on different brand’s site traffic.  If you were looking for an outlet for your Chiropractor SEO influencer marketing, Instagram would be a wise choice.
More and more folks are becoming rapidly aware of influencer marketing and all it entails as it quickly escalates in growth.  Although more popular, it is also a more costly approach.  Costly is a relative term, however, as it all depends on the scale of the marketing campaign.  For example, the Superbowl ad can cost up to $5 million dollars.  While you are more than likely not going to spend that much money for your Chiropractor SEO, it is worth understanding the cost.  Sarah Ware says that this avenue is greatly worth it, however, if you are willing to spend the money and go about it in the smartest way possible. 


If you pay a contractor a certain amount of money toward Instagram ads, for example, they must guarantee a certain amount of ‘reaches’ in return.  Estee Lauder’s Instagram following went up 18% the day after appointing Kendall Jenner as their ‘new face’, so you can absolutely see the value in influencer marketing.

3 New Ways to Target Pinterest Users

Pinterest has been around for several years now, and is widely used amongst the population for a number of resources.  Not only do people search for recipes and home improvement ideas, but they also are searching anything from ‘how to’s’ to ‘where to’s’ when it comes to particular services.  Do not neglect Pinterest as a possible source for potential clients to arrive at your practice, and incorporate these three ways into your SEO for Chiropractors for good measure.


Until recently, Pinterest ad targeting has been pretty simple.  There were limitations placed on options such as device, gender, language, and location.  However, Pinterest is about to undergo a makeover and receive new features that have log been available for sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google.  There are over 100 million monthly active users on Pinterest, and all of them will be able to be reached in these three new ways:

  1. Customer List Targeting. This is very akin to Facebook’s Custom Audiences.  You will be able to upload a list of all of your current patients and customers through their email addresses or their mobile ad ids and Pinterest will use a software that will match your list with its own database.  This will enable you to use your SEO for Chiropractors to reach your current customers already present on Pinterest.  You will then be able to serve ads that will only reach them.
  2. Visitor Retargeting. This way of reaching Pinterest users will enable you to reach people who have once visited your site, but perhaps have not returned.  Now you have a way of reaching them again in order to further influence them to come to your practice or visit your Chiropractic website.  Pinterest will have an actual visitor retargeting option that can be used by adding their conversation tag to your site.  You will be able to then tag people who have: added an item to their bag, landed on your homepage, signed up for your email list, or checked out. This method has been shown to increase CTR by 3x for other businesses who had access to this and implemented it into their SEO for Chiropractors.
  3. Lookalike Targeting. Facebook calls this same technique Lookalike Audiences. This method helps you reach a specific group of people who share similar traits and behaviors of those in your current customer list. You will specify those traits and behaviors in a particular audience and Pinterest will know who to reach.  This particular method has been shown to increase CTR by as much as 30x for those who have gained early access to it.