Google Making Significant SERP Changes

Google has recently implemented new changes in its SERPs and many are wondering how this will implement Chiropractic SEO.  As you are probably aware, the worldwide web is constantly in flux, yielding to popular demands in order to be the best functioning version of itself.  It is important to stay on top of these changes, be aware, and most of all understand how it may (or may not) influence your business.


First, lets dive in and discuss what is actually taking place.  Google has made a paramount change to its search engine result pages by extending the length of titles and descriptions.  This was not something that was announced outright, however.  It was originally noticed by Ross Hudgens and he made a statement about it on Twitter.  It was then reported by Jennifer Slegg via the SEM Post.


Previously, title tags on Google were allotted 50-60 characters.  They are now allowing up to 71 characters.  The resulting 10-21 character difference allows for another word or two to fit into a title.  In addition to this, the meta descriptions below title tags are now allotted an additional 100 characters, equivalent to an additional line of words.  This is wonderful for your Chiropractic SEO, as you will now be able to include even more information to grab a user’s attention.

You do need to be aware, that by Google’s admission, anything they implement is considered A/B testing.  Because of this, this change could be reversed at anytime.  Therefore, it is important that you do not base your Chiropractic SEO efforts on these numbers alone, at least until you know whether or not this change will be permanent.

Overall, this change has gone relatively unnoticed.  It was first implemented back on May 4, and only recently has anyone started mentioning it in the SEO realm.  Of those who have noticed, they feel that it has been a positive change so far.  This is a great take away, especially if the change is here to stay! One way to find out how it has impacted your Chiropractic SEO specifically is to measure your CTR from before May 4th and up until now.  This will yield you some sort of an idea of either a positive or negative change.  In the meantime, take advantage of this positive change, letting it benefit your Chiropractic SEO as much as possible, and hope it’s here to stay.