Mistakes in Your Chiropractor SEO Costing Your Practice Money

There are several main mistakes people make in their Chiropractor SEO that end up costing the practice more money in the long run.  In hindsight, they are easy to see.  However, they are common traps that many fall into.  The main thing that is going to give your website visibility is your website rankings, not having an awesome, gorgeous, fantastic website.


So, in order to make sure you are ranking high, you need to have a smart plan in place on how to properly implement your Chiropractor SEO and avoid making the common mistakes.  They are as follows:

  1. Irrelevant Keywords. Many Chiropractor SEO experts will tell you to use keyword rich content and it will absolutely drive up your rankings.  While it is important to use keywords, you do not want to use irrelevant ones.  You cannot outsmart Google, who is filtering these keywords on a daily, minute by minute basis.  These spam filters are not messing around!  Another way to make a mistake in this category is through the over use of keywords.  This will make your site repetitive and hard to read, which will then make users dissatisfied and move on.  Because Google tracks user satisfaction, this is going to end up driving your rankings down.
  2. Low Quality Content. Many people consider good quality content as the most important part of marketing efforts.  So, because of this, you should do your best to avoid using automatically generated content.  Instead, make sure it is unique, trustworthy, and authoritative.
  3. Neglecting to Refresh Low Quality/Old Pages. Low quality and old content interspersed within your website will absolutely lower your rankings. These pieces of content need to be refreshed, removed, or fixed. Some examples of low quality content are: duplicate content within your site, incoming back links to pages that are dead, text that is auto generated, content doorways without sufficient reason, pages that are out of date, stub pages, and improper pagination.
  4. Not Taking Advantage of Analytics. The ultimate goal of your Chiropractic SEO is to drive more patients into your practice. If you have massive amounts of website traffic, but your patient base is not increasing, then your massive amounts of website traffic is basically useless. Since you are putting forth so much effort, make sure you are taking advantage of analytic tools and monitoring your traffic by tracking your conversion rates for your key phrases.