Google Making Significant SERP Changes

Google has recently implemented new changes in its SERPs and many are wondering how this will implement Chiropractic SEO.  As you are probably aware, the worldwide web is constantly in flux, yielding to popular demands in order to be the best functioning version of itself.  It is important to stay on top of these changes, be aware, and most of all understand how it may (or may not) influence your business.


First, lets dive in and discuss what is actually taking place.  Google has made a paramount change to its search engine result pages by extending the length of titles and descriptions.  This was not something that was announced outright, however.  It was originally noticed by Ross Hudgens and he made a statement about it on Twitter.  It was then reported by Jennifer Slegg via the SEM Post.


Previously, title tags on Google were allotted 50-60 characters.  They are now allowing up to 71 characters.  The resulting 10-21 character difference allows for another word or two to fit into a title.  In addition to this, the meta descriptions below title tags are now allotted an additional 100 characters, equivalent to an additional line of words.  This is wonderful for your Chiropractic SEO, as you will now be able to include even more information to grab a user’s attention.

You do need to be aware, that by Google’s admission, anything they implement is considered A/B testing.  Because of this, this change could be reversed at anytime.  Therefore, it is important that you do not base your Chiropractic SEO efforts on these numbers alone, at least until you know whether or not this change will be permanent.

Overall, this change has gone relatively unnoticed.  It was first implemented back on May 4, and only recently has anyone started mentioning it in the SEO realm.  Of those who have noticed, they feel that it has been a positive change so far.  This is a great take away, especially if the change is here to stay! One way to find out how it has impacted your Chiropractic SEO specifically is to measure your CTR from before May 4th and up until now.  This will yield you some sort of an idea of either a positive or negative change.  In the meantime, take advantage of this positive change, letting it benefit your Chiropractic SEO as much as possible, and hope it’s here to stay.

One Small Word, One Huge Difference on Google SERPs

Many people wonder about the true importance of keywords and how they effect SEO for chiropractors.  For example, do various combinations matter?  What about match type? The focus of this article is to show you how just one word can alter the entire results page provided by Google.  Hopefully, by the end of this, you will feel confident on how important your keywords are, if you are utilizing them effectively, and know that your SEO for chiropractors is operating to its fullest capacity.


Someone recently ran a test on this exact thing where they first searched for ‘HD TVs’ and then they added the word ‘best’.  For the search that was ran with only ‘HD TV’ in the toolbar, the results were primarily in-store only ads.  Google automatically assumes that local inventory must have an overall greater impact on this type of search.  When the word best is added, ranking bubbles show up in the search.  Now the user is able to view how other users have ranked the specific products.  Here, google makes the assumption that the user wants to view how other people rank HD TVs, because of the addition of the word ‘best’.  In the third set of results, product ranking stars are included.  This is similar to the ranking bubbles, as Google is assuming that the user must be inquiring on feedback from other users.


The overall data concludes that people are responding at high interest levels to these keywords.  Because of this high reaction, the cost of these queries is much higher as well.

So, what’s the overall take here for the impact on your SEO for chiropractors?

Well, the focus is less about the inclusion of your keyword, and more on how you support your robust listings and support the data.  You want your overall product and service rankings to be robust.  In the previously mentioned test, there were three sets of results that came up.  Although TV brands were repeated in the results page, not one product overlapped with another.  This goes to show that having a large amount of products and services available for Google to rank is a must in order to receive high impressions from users.

For your SEO for chiropractors, make sure you are using high quality keywords as well as providing a high volume of content and services that Google can rank in order to be displayed amongst SERPs.

Understanding the True Value of Technical SEOs

In order to effectively utilize your Chiropractic SEO to its fullest potential, make sure you fully understand the true value of Technical SEOs.  Technical SEOs are the people implementing your ChiropractiC SEO day after day, and a good one will have this knowledge base as well.  Perhaps it is you, or perhaps you employ someone.  Either way, it is best to be fully educated.

Technical SEO vs. Technical SEOs.

The practice of technical SEO is following the best possible SEO guidelines.  Sadly, this is rarely done well.  Almost anyone can follow a basic technical SEO guideline, but to be a truly valuable technical SEO you must have experience, a drive to fully understand all the ins and outs, as well as the desire to fix any problems that may come your way.  A valuable technical SEO has ran almost every problem imaginable, and knows how to properly troubleshoot it.  If they come across a problem they haven’t seen before, they will do everything it takes to overcome it.  This is the type of person you want on your team running your Chiropractic SEO.

What Sets Technical SEOs Apart?

A great technical SEO will not only know how to effectively troubleshoot problems and overcome new problems, but they will also know how to properly communicate these issues to other people.  They can explain them in a way that makes sense to everyone involved and build confidence in their clients.

For example, you can name almost any technical element of a website and a great technical SEO will be able to tell you a number of ways things can go wrong, how they would fix it in that specific situation, how long the actual fixing will take, and the impact that this change will make on your overall Chiropractic SEO.  From there, the technical SEO will be able to tell you how to prioritize that specific problem in regards to any other things on the radar.

If you really want your technical SEO to go above and beyond, take note that they should also be allowed freedom.  A great technical SEO will always find a faster and better way of doing things when given the freedom to play around with these issues on their own.  This will only improve their overall output quality and benefit your Chiropractic SEO in the long run.

In addition to all of this, you must know that a good technical SEO has future success in mind.  They are leading the way in new areas and going over and above to accomplish innovative projects that set the framework for the future of the industry.

Mistakes in Your Chiropractor SEO Costing Your Practice Money

There are several main mistakes people make in their Chiropractor SEO that end up costing the practice more money in the long run.  In hindsight, they are easy to see.  However, they are common traps that many fall into.  The main thing that is going to give your website visibility is your website rankings, not having an awesome, gorgeous, fantastic website.


So, in order to make sure you are ranking high, you need to have a smart plan in place on how to properly implement your Chiropractor SEO and avoid making the common mistakes.  They are as follows:

  1. Irrelevant Keywords. Many Chiropractor SEO experts will tell you to use keyword rich content and it will absolutely drive up your rankings.  While it is important to use keywords, you do not want to use irrelevant ones.  You cannot outsmart Google, who is filtering these keywords on a daily, minute by minute basis.  These spam filters are not messing around!  Another way to make a mistake in this category is through the over use of keywords.  This will make your site repetitive and hard to read, which will then make users dissatisfied and move on.  Because Google tracks user satisfaction, this is going to end up driving your rankings down.
  2. Low Quality Content. Many people consider good quality content as the most important part of marketing efforts.  So, because of this, you should do your best to avoid using automatically generated content.  Instead, make sure it is unique, trustworthy, and authoritative.
  3. Neglecting to Refresh Low Quality/Old Pages. Low quality and old content interspersed within your website will absolutely lower your rankings. These pieces of content need to be refreshed, removed, or fixed. Some examples of low quality content are: duplicate content within your site, incoming back links to pages that are dead, text that is auto generated, content doorways without sufficient reason, pages that are out of date, stub pages, and improper pagination.
  4. Not Taking Advantage of Analytics. The ultimate goal of your Chiropractic SEO is to drive more patients into your practice. If you have massive amounts of website traffic, but your patient base is not increasing, then your massive amounts of website traffic is basically useless. Since you are putting forth so much effort, make sure you are taking advantage of analytic tools and monitoring your traffic by tracking your conversion rates for your key phrases.