Boost Your Chiropractic SEO Through Your Brand

Your brand is the ultimate of importance when it comes to boosting your SEO.  The market has shifted over the years from traditional marketing to digital. However, despite this change, branding still remains one of the most essential ways to boost your ROI.


The top three branding will boost your Chiropractic SEO are by driving traffic, Google including it in the algorithm indirectly, and drawing links based on branded content.

  1. Driving Traffic. The second largest traffic driver is direct traffic itself, and boosting your brand is sure to bring it.  Users will access your site through organic searching (typing in questions), links from social media, from other website links or referrals, or from typing in the actual URL.  By focusing on your social media sites and infusing your branding into their content, you are giving your users a strong influence of your brand.  The more they see it, the more likely they are going to recognize it.  For example, we have all been trolling through facebook when a product or particular piece of information pops up in the feed.  You may not recognize the brand again after only seeing it once, but after 5 or 6 exposures you are sure to know the brand name.
  2. Google Including Your Brand in its Algorithm Indirectly. People will come to know a brand by repeated exposure, however Google will learn it by working its algorithm in a way to understand its users and to whom it will benefit.  Google watches search questions and where they ultimately end up.  People who consistently end up on your website from searching particular terms will ultimately attract Google’s attention.  After a certain amount of this has happened to your site, it will automatically gain ‘brand authority’ in Google’s mind.
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  4. Drawing Links Based on Branded (vs. Non-Branded) Content. Google has already done its research and found out as well as down-ranked sites that were paying for links, rather than using high quality branded content.  Any links that come back to a site have to first be earned, and the only way to do this is through branded content that is extremely high quality.  In order to provide this type of content in order to acquire links, people must do things such as call bloggers to write reviews, send out press releases, as well as posting online publications.  Many people try to skip over this process due to the time and effort involved and acquire links by trying to manipulate the algorithm.  Google, however, can see right through this activity, and prides on providing its users with nothing but the best content.