Cleverly Steal Your Competitor’s Web Traffic in 5 Simple Steps

Even though you may have an amazing Chiropractic office offering top notch care, a gorgeous website, are employing SEO for Chiropractors, and utilizing social media to its fullest—you may feel that your competitors are still getting more web traffic than you!  If that is your current struggle, you may find yourself discouraged and frustrated.


However, instead of letting it get you down, use it to your advantage and learn how to steal their web traffic in 5 simple steps.

  1. Find Out Their Keywords. It may be as simple as changing around your keywords by taking away or adding to them.  In order to find out what your competitor’s keywords are, go to com.  All you have to do is type in your competitor’s name and a list of their top 10 keywords will pop up.  You can then filter through the list and add the ones you are missing to your SEO campaign.
  2. Increase Your Company’s Domain Authority. Domain Authority is basically a scale system used to score your website based on its content and relevance. There is a company called Moz that will let you know your exact Domain Authority score is.  You should download the Moz toolbar to find out yours and your competitor’s Domain Authority score.  Once you know this information, you can make sure that your website is packed full of good content and quality links.
  3. Steal High Quality Links From Your Competitor. As you already know, in SEO for Chiropractors a huge factor is getting high quality links from other websites.  There’s a tool called ahrefs that will find companies linking to your competitor’s sites.  Reach out to them and request that they link to your site instead!
  4. Become a Key Influencer. In order to do this, you obviously need high quality content.  Make sure you spend ample time producing content that makes you appear as a thought leader.  It is much easier to gain influence when people view you in this way.  In addition to this, take time building relationships with other key influencers in your industry.  The more influence you have, the more traffic will be diverted away from your competitor and to you.
  5. Use Paid Ads. In addition to organic results via your SEO for Chiropractors, it may be wise to use paid ads, especially on social media sites like Facebook.  You can target your ads to specific demographics to know that your target audience is being reached.