Remarketing With the Four C’s

There may come a point in time when your chiropractic business needs a remarketing campaign.  Although you are already employing SEO for Chiropractors in order to drive traffic to your office, it is good to make sure your marketing efforts are as successful as possible.  Read on to see how by using the four C’s you can properly structure your remarketing campaign.


It is said that the best approach to use when remarketing is the four c’s. These c’s include content, cookie duration, creative and context.  What each c does is provide a value of a return visit from a person who has visited your site, and ultimately will be a prospect.  There is a bid that will assign a hierarchical value of the prospect’s visit according to the ad group in which the C or combination of Cs live.


Content stands for the exact area of your site where someone has visited.  In this category of C you want to focus on creating audiences that are grouped by their likelihood to become a customer.  You will be able to gain an idea of this based on which pages of your site they visit.  Having content relevant for SEO for Chiropractors will be key in this area.


Cookie Duration.  For most websites, recent visitors have a much higher chance of becoming customers than less recent visitors.  A good rule of thumb to use for cookie duration is two-day, seven-day, and 30-day cookie durations.


Creative.  If you choose to use ads based on cookie durations, the creative refers to the type of ads you choose.  Various examples include static banner ads, dynamic display ads, and text ads.

Context, the fourth and final C, is where your ads are appearing.  For example, people are more likely to come into your chiropractic office if an ad appears while they are viewing other chiropractic and wellness related items online.


Although the four C’s are a great way to restructure your remarketing campaign, they don’t make up the entirety of your chiropractic business.  Utilize your SEO for Chiropractors as best as you possibly can through your website, blogging, and social media to get the news out there, but most importantly you should focus on what you know how to do best: providing excellent services, improving the lives of others, and promoting health and wellness.  After all, that is what people want in a good chiropractor.