Get Strategic in Your Link Building

Link building is incredibly important when it comes to your company’s chiropractic SEO.  It always has been, and always will be the most important part of search engine optimization.  Having quality links gives your company higher rankings within Google’s search algorithm.  Many companies use the old school methods of link building, but nowadays it is suggested to shy away from those methods.


Search engines are learning to crack down on those commonly used ‘old hat’ techniques, such as link exchanges and paid anchor placements.  Read on to learn ways to be strategic in your link building.

  1. Partner With the Right Folks. It is important that your chiropractic SEO is being run by niche-specific influencers.  They have the right connections, and provide information that is relevant to the people you are trying to reach.  All in all, they will be more likely to trust information coming from them rather than random sponsored posts.
  2. Utilize Local Relationships. Partner up with local organizations to gain backlinks from their sites. Focus on smaller, locally owned businesses rather than large corporations and contribute to local blogs.  Another idea is to host an event that caters to small businesses in order to gain access to links from the event’s sponsorship page.
  3. Implement the Skyscraper Technique. No need to reinvent the wheel, because this one is proven to work.  First, discover what the top-performing content is within your niche, then create something better, and finally promote your content by outreaching through email and social media.
  4. Create a Resource Page. By creating a page on your own site that lists the top businesses within your niche in your area, you will gain even more backlinks.  Other companies, even those that compete with yours, will link to your resource page due to all of the useful information that you put out there.  For example, if you are a chiropractic office, create a list of the best chiropractic and wellness providers in your area.
  5. Premium Content. To really gain backlinks from major publications and leaders in the blog industry, you need to create amazing premium content.  Rather than giving out tips and tricks here and there that you pulled from other sites, put some serious thought into the content.  For example, provide white papers, case studies, podcasts, in depth blog posts, e-books, infographics, and resource pages. Although this will take a bit more time, your chances of getting backlinked to major sites will be greatly improved for your chiropractic SEO.