How to Best Utilize Social Media for Chiropractic Marketing

Nowadays, one of the most effective, popular, and free way to effectively market your company is through the use of social media.  Are you looking for ways to grow your practice?  If so, social media is the answer for you.  Many chiropractic offices are using social media to promote awareness of their practice, get new patients in the door, and ultimately grow their business.

Social Media

Social media is 100% worth your time educating yourself on and implementing in today’s day in age where technology runs the world.

  1. Save money While Simultaneously Increasing Effectiveness. Social media is free.  This reason alone is enough to be implementing it in some way, form or fashion.  The negligence to use free marketing tools is a mistake you do not want to make.  In addition to saving money, social media is an increasingly effective marketing tool as it has been proven to reach more people and work better than previously used Chiropractic marketing techniques.  However, although social media is free, you must still take the time and resources to invest in creating a professional overall brand.  This can be done with a customized, hi-res logo and a nicely done website.
  2. Get Your Information in the Right Hands Faster. Older forms of marketing, such as news paper or magazine ads or even radio ads, all require quite a bit of a process.  First the information must be submitted, then approved, and then there is a waiting period until it goes into print or is aired.  Once it is released, you are left to hope that it gets into the proper hands.  With social media, you know that the marketing information is being released and seen immediately.
  3. Know Your Target Audience. Previously done chiropractic marketing techniques that were shown to be ineffective were this way largely in part that the information was untargeted and to too broad of an audience. With a little research and a few internet searches, you can customize your target audience.  You will also be able to track and see who exactly is following you.  The question of ‘where is this information going?’ will never be one to ask.
  4. Locate Feedback. You can easily monitor the perception others have of your practice, such as your current patient base, prospected patient base, and even your competitors by doing a search to see what people are saying.  Search specific hashtags for quick feedback.