Ways to Increase Repeated Business

It is one thing to bring a new patient into your office for Chiropractic care, and it is a whole separate thing to get that patient to continue getting treatments at your practice.  In addition to being awesome at what you do, you will also need to be wise in the marketing department.  At EliteChiropracticMarketing.com, we know just the way to best utilize marketing skills in order to gain repeated business at your Chiropractic office.

First of all, you must stay in contact with your patients as best as you can.  Encourage your patients to like your Facebook page.  Hand out a business card that lists your contact information, website, and social media sites you are a part of.  Get their email address as part of the mandatory initial paperwork so you can keep them aware of special promotions, office hours, blog posts, and newsletters.  Be careful, however, because eblasts can be a double edged sword if you let them.  The best way to send out emails is as infrequently enough to keep them interested, without over doing it and causing them to become annoyed.  Many times people will unsubscribe if they feel they are being inundated with information.

Secondly, you must be wise in the types of discounts you offer.  Consider offering your treatments in a package plan, where if they buy a ‘bundle’ up front, they will save 10% on the entirety of the treatments.  Hand out ‘frequent patient’ coupons where once they collect a certain amount, they receive a free treatment or an introduction discount to another treatment or service you offer.  In that case it will be a win-win for everyone.


Lastly, you must treat your patients as if they were gold itself.  Make them feel like they are the most important people in the room.  Remember their name, their occupation, and their children’s name.  Encourage them to bring in family members and spend time speaking with them.  Manage your flow of patients by not overbooking so you can give each patient the concentrated time he or she deserves.  No one wants to feel as if they are just a number that comes in and out the door.  They want to feel like they matter and like you care.  Make each customer feel like they belong at your office, and don’t give them any reasons not to want to come back to see you again!